PBS Series ‘POV’ Reveals Film Lineup For 36th Season, Packed With Oscar Contenders, Award Winners


Multi Award-Winner ‘POV’ Announces Its 36th Season Lineup; New Slate Illustrates the Series’ Commitment to Diverse Voices and Boundary-Pushing Nonfiction Forms of Storytelling


October 22, 2022 by Abbey White 

“Juliana Curi’s documentary UÝRA — The Rising Forest, Maryam Touzani’s drama The Blue Caftan and Nyala Moon’s short How to Not Date While Trans were also awarded jury prizes in the documentary feature, international feature and New York short categories of the annual LGBTQ+ film festival’s 34th edition.”

July 27, 2022 by Wilson Chapman

“One of those rare pieces of cinema which could permanently change the way you think.”

“Uýra: A Retomada da Floresta é uma obra sensorial e sensitiva, dividida em três atos – Uma terra pelada; Reconhecem-se as espécies pioneiras; e Para uma sucessão ecológica –, que parte do desalento para tracejar combatividades.”

“The way Uýra performances and takes the viewer into their universe is how you make a film like this.”

"It is a documentary in the sense that it centers on the real life of a real person, but its structure is loose and impressionistic, trying to submerge you in Uýra’s world rather than explain it to you. [...] Redefining Gender in the Amazon.”

“Eschewing formal production techniques as well as any dominant-culture framing, Brazilian filmmaker Juliana Curi translates the energy of the Amazon.

This approach yields unique results. The best moments connect visually, almost as living paintings. Captivating and one-of-a-kind work”

"UÝRA: The Rising Forest is an important and radical documentary that shines a light on the disproportionate impact the climate crisis has on queer and racialized communities".

“Uyra: The Rising Forest blurs the lines and boundaries that divide the documentary and fiction, as we are transported to the ancestral Amazonian enchanted world. A journey well worth taking.”

"Uýra is a compelling subject for a documentary and brings a true artist’s eye to their performances.”

“Through dance, poetry, and visually stunning costumes and makeup, Uýra boldly confronts historical racism, transphobia, and environmental destruction. Their search for their own identity and their struggle to bring awareness to the interconnected relationship between humans and the environment — not to mention the direct link from structural racism to trans- and homophobia — lie at the heart of this poetic and eye-popping film.”


“Director Juliana Curi’s debut film is an under-the-radar doc about the inspiring Brazilian trans-indigenous artist Uýra Sodoma, and it’s an absolute gem. Curi takes a transcendental visual approach to her subject and it poetically punctuates what Uýra is trying to get across to younger generations: that preserving the environment comes from the same place as appreciating LGBTQ identity. You do need to see it on a big screen.”